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Hung Thinh -The Prosperity

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Phu Quoc Hung Thinh fish sauce has been known for many years. With the long time existence and development Hung Thinh fish sauce offers consumers best quantity products and reasonable price.

To get the natural flavor of “rice fish”, for consumers to taste deliciousness of meals, we chose the traditional fish sauce processing method. Quantity of fish sauce is 350 bins, each bin contains 10 to 15 tons .

In order to have the fish sauce with protein from 20 to 42 degree and the output from 4.5 to 5 million liters per year. 

Hung Thinh ship brings the “rice fish” from the Phu Quoc sea (the fish having highest protein ), they’re fresh kippered from outside the sea to ensure the quality of them. Then, they’re kept in salt.

After 12 months in trash timber, fish sauce is decanted. During the decanting, concentration of salt and bacteria are always being checked carefully. Our high technical laboratory takes the samples of sauce and check frequently to ensure that the sauce fish. When fish sauce reached full safety standards of food, do not use the spice, not to use the storage harmful, not harmful bacteria, does not contain urea damage will conduct bottled.  

Phu Quoc fish sauce Hung Thinh reach full standard of health, standards of safety management of food hygiene and HACCP international, also received attention and praise of consumers through 11 years they have been voting us the “Vietnamese high quality product”.

Food safety, quality control strict, production delicious and rich in protein is the target's leading company in Phu Quoc fish sauce Hung Thinh.

* Production at Phu Quoc: 219, 30 / 4, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province.

* Bottled in Vietnam: G13/22, Le Lang Street,7 Hamlet, Le Minh Xuan Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC.

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